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Hi, welcome to Drain Lining Solutions Ltd

Drain Lining Derby

Drain Lining in DerbyAt Drain Lining Solutions Ltd, all of our engineers have a vast experience in the drain lining service.

Any damage to the interior walls of drains is not the easiest to detect and therefore could lead to significant deterioration as time goes on.

With drain relining, we fit a protective layer to the inside of your existing drain pipes, forming a strengthened polymer lining coating that protects against cracks and damage. At Drain Lining Solutions Ltd, we begin with an in-depth inspection of your current pipes using our modern technology to ascertain the location and also to make us aware of the scale of damage. Our engineers then are able to flush the pipes using high powered water jetting to clean out the internal wall of the drain and create an even surface. This is crucial as this surface of the drain is what we attach the lining to.

At Drain Lining Solutions Ltd, we pride ourselves in working professionally, and we always continue to monitor the drains throughout the relining process with CCTV to make sure everything is flowing as well as it should.

There are multiple benefits to drain lining. Some of these advantages are:

  • Could be viewed as the most straightforward way to make sure your drains are in the best shape as possible.
  • It is a non-destructive way to secure pipes with no digging or extraction
  • The non-destructive nature of drain lining means it is not only quick and easy but also cost-effective
  • The drain lining is robust enough to last years without further attention
  • For commercial properties, no downtime is required, meaning the business can run as normal
  • The lining can be fitted to pipes of all sizes
  • Patch relining is available, providing an even cheaper method of repairing one specific area of a pipe that has become damaged
  • And many more!

If you require drain lining service or need any more professional information on drain lining in the Derbyshire area, then look no further than Drain Lining Solutions Ltd call today on 07772141509.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to provide the residents of Derbyshire with a no hassle drainage repairs service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines and offers excellent value for money.

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